Nipple reduction
Nipple reduction
Nipple reduction

Treatment Overview

Objective: To reduce the height and/or diameter of the nipples.
Anaesthesia: Local
Procedure duration: 30 minutes
Pain level: 1/10
Recovery time: 1 day
Resumption of physical activities: 1 day

Nipple reduction surgery is a simple and painless procedure to reduce the height (projection) and/or diameter (thickness) of the nipples to a desired size.

The procedure

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Dr. Boudana will use an extremely fine needle and inject the area around the nipple.

Once the area has been anaesthetized, the procedure is painless. Prior to the procedure, the desired nipple dimensions are discussed with Dr. Boudana. Dimensions can be adapted according to your nipple height and diameter preferences.

After the surgery

We advise taking a day off for the procedure. You will likely be able to resume normal activities the day after the procedure with a moderate level of pain.

There is no need to have sutures removed as absorbable stitches are used and will dissolve on their own.

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