Your mommy makeover procedure

The cosmetic effects of pregnancy are now reversable with advancements in surgical techniques and technology. There is an all in one solution for mothers who wish to restore their youthful body and appearance. A mommy makeover by Dr. Boudana will contour and restore the areas most affected by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or even significant weight loss. Your treatment will be customized to suit your aesthetic goals. In a single operation, a mommy makeover can help you reclaim your body and elevate your confidence.

Customized Results

Dr. Boudana custom-designs his mommy makeover surgeries to suit your exact needs and specifications by putting emphasis on the parts of your body that are most important to you. Most mommy makeovers incorporate some type of breast enhancement (breast lift/augmentation) with a tummy tuck to restore shape and contour to the body.

During your consultation, Dr. Boudana will discuss your goals and describe the best surgical options for you. He will help you understand how all your goals can be addressed in one transformative mommy make over procedure. He will ensure that you understand what results you can anticipate from each component of your surgery.

Your Breasts After Baby

Swelling and enlargement is all normal as women begin to produce milk during and after pregnancy. A woman’s breasts undergo many changes during this time. The areolas may also get larger and start to darken. Though the breasts tend to shrink after breast feeding, they seldom return to their “pre-baby” appearance. Due to excess skin, your breast shape after pregnancy may take on a saggy or “deflated” appearance. Some women’s breasts may even become smaller than they were prior to pregnancy.

The great news is, these post pregnancy changes make many women excellent candidates for a mommy makeover breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. Depending on candidacy, breast reduction can also be performed as part of a mommy makeover.

During your consultation, Dr. Boudana examines your breasts to determine their current size and shape in relation to the rest of your body. With this information, he will guide you to the ideal outcome that will encompass your overall body appearance, lifestyle, and goals.

Your Body After Baby

During pregnancy the body creates extra skin around the belly to accommodate the growing baby. That skin may not have the elasticity to “bounce back” after childbirth, leaving excess skin and a looser appearance. In many cases, the abdominal muscles are also stretched beneath the layers of skin. This can cause a bulge in the middle of the stomach that is visible even if the skin has bounced back. This residual tissue can be very frustrating as it does not respond to diet or exercise.

The only way to truly remove this skin and regain a flat abdomen and contour after pregnancy is through a tummy tuck surgery. This key component of the mommy makeover removes the excess skin and some residual fat. It tightens and strengthens abdominal muscles by stitching them together along the midline. In some cases, pesky stretch marks and part, or all, of some C-section scars can be removed during a tummy tuck procedure.

After pregnancy, stubborn fat may also present around the hips and thighs, as well as on the limbs, back, and neck. Dr. Boudana can combine liposuction with your mommy makeover procedure to remove fat from these areas and sculpt sleek contours. Liposuction is a common component of the mommy makeover and is a versatile treatment that Dr. Boudana frequently uses in combination with other procedures. When it comes to a mommy make over, the addition of liposuction does not add to the recovery time and it helps create restored, more youthful, contours around the body.

Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

Dr. Boudana performs your mommy makeover using general anesthesia. Before your procedure he plans the mommy makeover components to address each of your concerns in a safe, efficient way. Combining surgical components makes your procedure longer than performing the individual components alone. Dr. Boudana can estimate your treatment time based on the plan he has curated for you. With that being said, most mommy makeovers with breast and body enhancement are completed within 4 to 6 hours. As always, your safety and well-being are Dr. Boudanas top priority. At your preoperative appointments, you will review his surgical plan, make any necessary adjustments, and discuss any concerns.

If you undergo breast augmentation, Dr. Boudana typically makes an incision along the bottom fold of the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit. These incision lead to delicate scars that are hidden nicely along the creases and lines of the body. He makes a pocket within the breast and places the implant before closing the incision with sutures.

During a tummy tuck procedure Dr. Boudana makes a low horizontal incision that extends from hip to hip to ensure that the resulting scar can be easily concealed beneath clothing and swimwear. He removes residual fat using liposuction, tightens abdominal muscles, and removes any excess skin. The naval may also need to be reshaped before closing the incision and revealing a tight, smooth abdomen.


  • Patients only go through one healing and recovery period. This means less time away from work and allows you to get back to your life faster
  • Patients pay the anesthesia and operating facility fees one time, resulting in a less expensive treatment course
  • The emotional benefit of an overall transformation that addresses all your goals

Recovering From a Mommy Makeover?

Typically, patients require 1-2 weeks of rest at home after their mommy makeover procedure. The details of your recovery depend on the specifics of your surgery. Most often, mommy makeover surgery is an outpatient procedure. You will need a friend or family member to accompany you home.

Dr. Boudana encourages his patients to rest and relax after surgery to allow for optimal healing. For the first several days, patients benefit from having a partner, friend, or family member willing to help with childcare, chores, and other daily activities. Dr. Boudana will schedule you for several follow-up appointments. During these appointments he may remove your bandages, sutures, and ensure optimal healing. He will also clear you to resume your normal activities.

Mommy Makeover Results

Though you will be able to see immediate changes in shape and contour, your results will progress during the weeks after surgery. After a significant decrease in swelling and bruising your final results will be revealed. Results from your mommy makeover last many years, provided you continue living a healthy lifestyle and avoid significant changes in weight.



Getting pregnant after your mommy make over procedure is possible, however, not recommended. This is because pregnancy can alter or even undo the results of your surgery and it may be difficult to maintain your look without additional revisionary procedures.


Patient safety is Dr. Boudanas top priority. For this reason, Dr. Boudana requires patients to have a healthy and consistent body weight before they can undergo an elective cosmetic surgery. This protects patients from potential complications during surgery and further risks during the healing process.

READY to Begin Your Transformation?

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During your consultation, Dr. Boudana will take the time to address your specific goals and to discuss your treatment options. He will determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery and review the results that can be realistically achieved. He will also help you determine which complementary procedures may benefit you the most.