Should You Consider Tumescent liposuction?

Do you experience a build-up of fatty lumps beneath the skin in your legs, hips, bottom and arms? Have you tried exercising and watching your diet but still don’t see the changes you desire? If this sounds like you, Tumescent Liposuction can reduce unwanted fat deposits and improve your comfort and body shape.

Tumescent liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes excess fat deposits. It can help patients with Lipedema who see a disproportionate accumulation of fat tissue and extracellular fluid in the limbs.

It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Toronto, Ontario, to treat lipedema. While improving symptoms of the disease, it also enhances the shape and aesthetic of the body.

Tumescent Liposuction is safe, has a short recovery, and often can produce the best results for people who have exhausted other alternatives. Typical areas successfully treated with Tumescent liposuction include the hip rolls, outer thighs (saddlebags), inner thighs, back, buttocks and arms.


You are an ideal candidate for tumescent liposuction if you notice a disproportionate fat accumulation in the lower body. You may also experience tenderness and pain in the affected areas, bruising, swelling and a cellulite-like appearance of the skin. You must be a non-smoker, in good health and free of any pathologies that could impede your recovery.

A positive attitude and realistic goals are ideal for any aesthetic procedure.

Are You A Candidate?

Our Body Contouring Cosmetic Self Evaluation can help you decide if liposuction is the right procedure for you.


Tumescent liposuction involves infusing epinephrine into the treatment area before the procedure. This solution minimizes blood loss and enhances the ability to extract more significant volumes of fat safely. It also promotes better post-operative recovery. Research suggests that tumescent liposuction is gentler on lymphatic vessels than traditional liposuction. Preserving these vessels is crucial, as classic liposuction can damage lymphatic vessels, potentially worsening or triggering lymphedema. Given the often-substantial fat removal required in lipedema treatment, a staged approach is vital. The procedure will involve the removal of fat through small incisions using a power-assisted suction device.

At Forest Hill Plastic Surgery in Toronto, Dr. David Boudana has developed a multimodal approach to lipedema treatment that includes the following treatments:

  • 1
    Personal Training:

    Personal training sessions with our experienced personal trainer to improve mobility, muscular mass, and circulation before and after surgical treatment.

  • 2
    Lymphatic massage therapy:

    Lymphatic massage therapy is performed at our office by our specialized massage therapist.

  • 3
    Customized compression:

    Compressive garments will be custom-made to your proportions to provide adequate contention and reduce oedema before and after surgery.

  • 4
    Staged liposuction surgeries:

    Tumescent Power Assisted Liposuction to the hips, thighs, calf or arms can be performed to improve functionality and aesthetics.


With several hundred successful body procedures, Dr. Boudana is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating lipedema using tumescent liposuction.

If you wish to improve your body’s appearance or reduce symptoms of lipedema, Dr. Boudana offers a personalized approach that will meet your expectations. He will listen, guide, and advise you so you reach your goal.

Procedure details

The initial consultation includes a personalized discussion of the staged treatment plan, establishing treatment goals and objectives tailored to your needs. During the consultation, Dr. Boudana will be very attentive to your expectations.

Dr. Boudana will examine the body area affected by excess fat deposits and consider all factors that can influence the aesthetic and functional results of your treatment.

Dr. Boudana will photograph your body from different angles and place these photographs in your medical record. These photographs will be kept strictly confidential.

He will then take a 3D scan of your body and create simulations to choose the most appropriate solution to achieve your desired result. A virtual reality simulation is also offered.

Once under general anaesthesia, the skin to be treated is carefully disinfected. A few 2- to 4-mm incisions are made to insert the liposuction cannula. A solution containing epinephrine is infused into the treatment area before the procedure.

Then the Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is performed. The incisions are closed, and a dressing is applied.

Custom-made compression garments help your body adapt to its new shape. According to your individual postoperative recommendations, you should wear the garment for three to six weeks.

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience swelling in the treated area, and the final results will only be visible once the swelling has gone down.

Typically, the final results will be visible three months after the procedure once all the swelling has subsided.

Our specialized massage therapists will perform massage therapy. We strongly recommend massaging the treated areas the second week after the surgery.

After the surgery, you will receive a personalized follow-up. Our nurses will also be available and perform the first dressing change at our clinic, typically one week after surgery. You will be given a postoperative instruction sheet when you are discharged and a prescription for pain medication. All follow-up appointments are free of charge for the first year after your surgery.


Tumescent Liposuction for treating lipedema removes excess fat and can help you achieve a firmer, shapelier figure. You will experience relief from discomfort, tenderness, and pain associated with lipedema. This surgery can enhance mobility and ease of movement due to decreased fat volume.

The results of tumescent liposuction will become more and more apparent as the swelling dissipates. Final results take six to twelve months to visualize as the skin will naturally tighten.

Tumescent liposuction is a treatment, not a cure, for lipedema. It can reduce fat, relieve discomfort and improve the figure, but the chronic nature of lipedema and its underlying causes persist. The disease itself is not eliminated, and fat may reappear over time in some cases.

Dr. Boudana is known in Toronto and internationally for his artistic eye, expert hands, experience, and meticulous attention to detail. He is also known for his outstanding tumescent liposuction results.

** The photos and/or videos are not presented as a guarantee of result. The results may vary.
** Patients gave their consent for the publication of photos and/or videos.

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